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Aero Matt Black/Anthracite


AERO is the new jet born military and futuristic inspirations. Projected in MOMO Design style centre, it has a unique and compact design, with a strong personality that endorses in itself all the features of a premium product - great aerodynamics, an innovative "patent pending" visor movement, an intelligent ventilation system. AERO is made in Italy with high technology content.


- Fiberglass and Carbon Fibre
- 2 Shell Sizes
- AeroDynamic Shell
- Internal Mechanism for Visor
- I.V.S Innovative visor movement system (Patent Pending)
- Wide External Visor
- No Gap Visor
- Anti Scratch Visor
- Anti Fog Visor
- Two Superior Air Vents With Sliding Mechanism
- Two Extractors On Back

Tornado App

Tornado is an app that runs the system of forced ventilation with a magnetic levitated fan with a capacity of 5 air litres per minute (6 in “turbo” function). Loudness limited to 16 db at full capacity. Battery 1,8A 3,7v li-ion battery rechargeable in 1,5 h through micro usb and 1A power charger. System functioning 8h in urban environment condition between -20 and 40 c°. Connection through Bluetooth protocol. GPS module integrated and temperature probe that registers internal temperature in the upper part of the helmet. MOMODESIGN VENT COMFORT software can be set up from Your smartphone through the APP MOMODESIGN TORNADO 1.0, it is independent and autonomous and runs the magnetic levitated vent in a smart way.

Through the APP You can set:
- Desired temperature (the software decides fan speed according to internal temperature and cruising speed)
- Fan control (Fan Control function)
- TURBO VENT function in high temperature condition guarantees the maximum refreshment (thus reducing battery duration);
- ECO function that optimises battery duration;
- Helmet internal temperature monitoring while driving.

Sizes Available

XS, S, M, L, XL

Colours Available

Matt Black/Anthracite, Matt Titanium/Silver, Matt Blue/Black, Matt Pearl White/Light Grey



Aero Matt Black/Anthracite